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North Carolina Cowboys, Inc.

​The SASS North Carolina State Championship is made possible in large part due to the range made available by the Rowan County Wildlife Association and the home club, The Old North State Posse.

Rowan County Wildlife Association has been the setting for the SASS NC State Championship almost from its beginning.  A club house provides a comfortable location for registration and scoring activities during the entire match.  Ample grassed areas near the berms provides convenient parking for everyone along ​with areas for those who wish to camp at the range.  Well maintained graveled drives and areas next to the berms support our vendors and main tent so everything related to the match is at easy access to everyone.  RCWA is constantly maintaining and upgrading the range.  Each year is improved.

The Old North State Posse is the home club at the Rowan County Range.  They maintain a large inventory of targets and props used every year for this Championship.  Many of the volunteers that aid in set-up, take-down and general maintenance related to the match are members of this club.

The Range

​Saturday Night Shindig

***​Gamblers and Their Games***

​Theme Color:  Purple

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​Top Hand Award

There are always those that just seem to make this an enjoyable sport and keep the clubs running.  It's the Cowboy Spirit of the Game.

There is one in your club.  Please help recognize these individuals by nominating them for this year's Top Hand Award.

Every club is encouraged to submit a nomination for the 2017 NC State Championship!!  

See the link above for guidelines on submitting your nominee.

SASS North Carolina State Cowboy Action Shooting Championship

Since 1-1-16

Main Match Sponsor

for the

2017 Championship

Providing gun accessory giveaways for every shooter.

2017 Application

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​Cowboy Traditions

​Cowboys helping Cowboys

The largest financial supporter of the NC State Championship. 

Individuals dedicated to the sport of cowboy action shooting


​See the CT page for more information and a list of those that contributed in 2016.

Bat Masterson                                                                 Lottie Deno

​Doc Holiday                                                                       Kitty Leroy

​Wild Bill Hickok                        Elanor Dumont (Madam Moustache) 

​Wyatt Earp                                                 Alice Ivers (Poker Alice)   

Jefferson Randolph Smith II (Soapy Smith)         Dona Maria Getrudes Barcelo  

Saturday Night Shindig with games and costume contest

Contest includes categories for depiction of famous gamblers such as:

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