Royal Barnes

Salvadore Dally

Captain Jeb Forrest

Sandhill Slim

Buccaneer  Gun Club

Four Seasons Sports, Goldsboro, NC

Guns, sporting goods, reloading supplies

Costume Contest Sponsors

Pearl and Kearney Kid


Penelope Petticoat and Huckleberry Mike

Starline Brass, Sedalia, MO

Blue Boy Bullets

Door Prize/Raffle Sponsors  $100

Side Match Sponsors $150

Stage Sponsors $250

Presenting Sponsors - $500 or More

Three Cut

Penelope Petticoat and Huckleberry Mike

Mustang Dave

Main Match Sponsors

Cowboy Traditions

North Carolina Cowboys, Inc

North Carolina sass state championship



The State Match could not be possible without our many Sponsors.  Many operate businesses that support the cowboy action sport.  Please thank these sponsors with your support throughout the year.

If you have any corrections or additions please send information to

Dillon Precision

D&T Mercantile

Mountain Swan Designs

Renssealaer, NY

J&J Design Jewelry - Costume Contest Theme Jewelry