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Frontier Cartridge          Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Frontiersman         Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter

Ladies Categories in each of the above

Buckaroo (13 and Younger)

Buckarette (13 and Younger)

Junior Boy (14-16)

Junior Girl (14-16)

Cowboy (17+)

Cowgirl (17+)

Wrangler (36+)

Lady Wrangler (36+)

Forty Niner (49+)

Lady Forty Niner (49+)

Senior (60+)

Lady Senior (60+)

Silver Senior (65+)

Lady Silver Senior (65+)

Elder Statesman (70+)

Grand Dame (70+)

Cattle Baron(75+)

Cattle Baroness (75+)

El Patron (80+)

La Patrina (80+)

SASS Categories

Duelist                         Gunfighter

Senior Gunfighter        Senior Duelist

​    Ladies in each of the above

2018 Entry Forms

Sponsor and Vendor Applications

Entry will be received up to the week before the match.

​Limited to the first 200 participants

Refund Policy:  Full refund before October 1st, $20 may be charged after October 1st

Name badges may not be available for those postmarked after October 10th, 2018

Ten Stages- Five on Friday, Five on Saturday

Brass - This is a one pass brass match.

Scoring - Total Time scoring will be used for this match.

Main Match 100 Pistol, 100 Rifle, 50+ Shotgun

Wild Bunch 85 Pistol, 40 Rifle 25 Shotgun

Match information including maps, host hotel info, banquet, schedules, etc. can be found on other pages of this website.


Interactive forms are available by clicking the buttons below.  You may fill out the forms and print them or print the blank form and fill it in manually.  Mail with checks to the addresses indicated at the bottom of the form.

Be sure to include a signed Liability Form to save time at check in.

 Age Based  

Costume Shooting Categories

"B" Western                 Ladies "B" Western

Classic Cowboy                  Classic Cowgirl

Black Powder Categories

You must be a SASS Member to participate in any of the shooting events

​Address questions regarding categories to RJ Gatling


​Phone:  919-920-7819

Mail Applications to:

Benny Rollins

6376 US Hwy 70 East

​LaGrange, North Carolina 28551

Shooting Style


Indicate Category on the Application by checking the appropriate box.  Write in an alternate category in space provided in case your choice is under populated.  Age based categories may be combined where there are less than five in the category.   For example silver senior may be combined with senior.  Exceptions are Buckaroo, Junior, Elder Statesman/Grand Dame, Cattle Baron/Cattle Baroness and El Patron/La Patrona.  

Shooting Style, Black Powder and Costume categories will be honored regardless of number.  Age splits within these categories will only be honored provided there are five or more in each age division.