Berm 2:  Stages 3 and 4

Walnut Grove Rangers

Wild Bill Hickock

Hang 'Em High

Berm 3:  Stages 5 and 6

Neuse River Regulators

Outlaw Josey Wales

The Quick and the Dead

The 2018 Uprising stages and berms are sponsored and supported by five different North Carolina clubs.  The Match theme, of course, is Classic Western Movies.  Each club has chosen two movies for the berm they sponsor and is providing props, stages and starting lines in conjunction with the movies.

You, the shooter, will have the opportunity to vote for the berm and club you think has the best presentation. 

2018 Uprising at Swearing Creek

Stage Competition

Berm 1:  Stages 1 and 2

Gunpowder Creek Regulators

Pale Rider

Blazing Saddles

Berm 5:  Stages 9 and 10

High Country Cowboys

The Wild Bunch

True Grit (Original)

Berm 4:  Stages 7 and 8

Old North State Posse

Open Range