Current Board Members

RJ Gatling - President and Match Director

Noah Fitz- Vice President and Awards

One Eye Ray & Two Gun Terry - Range Set-up

Cotton Gloves - Territorial Governor and Wild Bunch

Cotton Tail - Secretary and Scoring

​Candice B Real - Sponsor/Vendor Coordinator

Cherokee Maddog - Costume Contest

Big Bear Mo - Shooter's Book

Teddy Mo - Shindig Set up

PaPa Chet - ONSP member

North Carolina Cowboys, Inc. Mission Statement

The sole mission of the North Carolina Cowboys, Inc. (NCCI) is the planning, promotion, operation and funding of North Carolina statewide cowboy action shooting championships sanctioned by the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS).  Such championships at present are the North Carolina State SASS Championship and the North Carolina SASS Black Powder Championship.

In furtherance of its mission, NCCI may engage in promotional activities including, by way of illustration, participation in gun shows, media events and the purchase of advertising, print or otherwise.

To facilitate the operation of North Carolina statewide SASS championships, NCCI will enter into agreements with other clubs to use their facilities for this purpose.

NCCI may lend and/or store targets and props owned by it with other Cowboy Action Clubs upon such terms that are equitable for their use and benefit when not being used by NCCI.

To assure the continuity of operation and funding of North Carolina statewide SASS championships, NCCI will maintain a reserve fund sufficient to guard against the year to year fluctuation in match revenues as well as the requirement that some expenses be paid prior to the receipt of match revenues.  To the extent that the Board determines such funds are not required for reserve, to further the exclusive mission of NCCI, those funds may be used to improve the championship match(es) and shooters experiences at such match(es) such as, by way of illustration, the purchase and/or construction of additional props and targets, a reduction in match, banquet and/or side match fee, et.

The North Carolina Cowboys, Inc., in cooperation with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS), Old North State Posse, and Rowan County Wildlife Association, welcomes you to the 23rd Annual SASS North Carolina Championship:  The Uprising at Swearing Creek.  2018.