Cajun Kid & Firestick
Marshal Harland Wolff & Lone Scout
Oklahoma Charlie & Royal Barnes


Stinky Jim & Buckshot Bowers
Layden Payde & Splinter Hauser
Marshal Nate Tyler & Lobo Mac
Red Cent
Sliphammer & Carolina Jack
Carmille Enoich & JM Brown
White Hair Trigger & Wicked Wanda
Tracker Mike
Dingo Dave & Huckleberry Mike



R. J. Gatling
Paden Emmett Cobb & Sandhills Slim
Three Cut

Following are some of the characteristics and/or accomplishments of previous award winners to consider when putting together documentation for a nominee.  These are intended as a guide of information for the type of documentation to provide.  There are likely other items not listed that make a person stand out for the club so feel free to describe them as well.  A form is provided to fill in some of the basic information described below.  Any addition information may be included in the space provided or attached separately. 

  • The Top Hand Award is intended to recognize contributions over a period of time - a minimum of 3 years.  The award is not meant to recognize a single outstanding contribution.
  • Does the nominee lead in running or assisting in the operation of local clubs including administrative duties, writing stages, set-up of matches, etc.?
  • Is the nominee knowledgeable on SASS match rules and have RO-1 and probably RO-II certification?  A big plus...
  • Does the nominee support activities that help with the promotion of cowboy action shooting and the recruiting and educating of new shooters at the club level?
  • ​Does the nominee support cowboy action shooting activities via participation on the various web sites and associated discussion forums in other venues via positive contributions and keep up with SASS activities?
  • ​Does the nominee participate in matches outside their local club?
  • ​Does the nominee help with match activities in a positive manner with both new and experienced participants?  Contributions are aimed at promoting the sport in addition to pursuing their competitive results and associated awards.
  • Does the nominee participate in the acquisition and maintenance of the equipment and materials to enhance cowboy action shooting matches?
  • ​Is the nominee noted for presenting a positive and friendly personality during cowboy action shooting activities?  They make it fun!

Again the NCCI Board encourages every club to submit a nomination for the 2018 NC State Championship.

The NC Top Hand Award program was started in 1999 by the Old North State Posse in order to recognize NC cowboys and cowgirls who had made a major contribution to cowboy action shooting in North Carolina.  Since the formation of the North Carolina Cowboys Inc. the Top Hand Award has been promoted as part of the NC State Championship.

Over time the award program has evolved to the current state, becoming an annual award program with award winners announced as part of the Championship award ceremonies.  Nominations are made via the active cowboy action shooting clubs in NC.  Any local club member can initiate a nomination for their club - it is not restricted to club management.  NCCI will initiate a call for nominations 3 or 4 months prior to the Championship match.  Nominations should identify the cowboy or cowgirl who is deserving of recognition for their work along with documentation of their major achievements associated with cowboy action shooting.  A list of some of the characteristics of previous award recipients is offered below for help in the documentation of the nominees contributions.  A template is also provided for this documentation process or you can free form the information as you prefer.  Each North Carolina club is encouraged to submit a nomination.

top hand award

SASS north carolina state championship